Kishimoto Lobina y Petitjean

Kishimoto, Satoko, Lobina, E. and Olivier Petitjean (Eds.). 2015. Our public wáter future. The global experience with remunicipalisation. Transnational Institute (TNI), Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), Multinationals Observatory, Muni

This book aims to draw lessons and stimulate debates on water remunicipalisation as an under-researched topic of high relevance for citizens, policymakers and scholars alike. Based on empirical data, the book documents the rise of water remunicipalisation across developed, transition, and developing countries in the last 15 years. Drawing on contributions by activists, practitioners, and academics with direct experience and knowledge of remunicipalisation, the book argues that remunicipalisation is a socially and economically viable policy option for local authorities and the communities they represent. As such, the book is intended to serve as a resource for building alliances among diverse social actors – including public watermanagers and decision-makers, workers and their trade unions, civic organisations and social movements, experts and academics – to encourage social learning and promote this new form of public service provision.